Payments for the People

The key to your financial freedom at the tip of your fingers. Waxd is enabling a whole new world of payments by enabling biometric authorisation for payments through it's Raven ecosystem. This means that you can make payments with no cards (although we cater for NFC payments), smart devices or pins securely at minimal cost with no transaction charges. Making this an ecosystem geared towards benefiting the people!

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 Revolutionising the Public Transport Industry

Enabling Business Ecosystems

The Raven ecosystem opens up a whole new avenue of doing business to different vertical industries by combining Location, Proof of physical presence and Transaction information in real time thus enabling new innovative ways of doing business.

Harvest Work

Agriculture Ecosystem

At the heart of the agricultural value chain concept is the idea of actors connected along a chain producing and delivering goods to consumers through a sequence of activities.  The Raven enables the tracking and payments of these goods as they move through the Agricultural ecosystem

Coach Fleet

Transport Ecosystem

One of the major challenges faced public transport is the lack payment integration between the different forms of transport within a City. The Raven's biometric authentication for payments enables commuters to pay for transport with an authentication method that can easily be used across multiple forms transport.

Grocery Shopping

Retail/FMCG Ecosystem

The retail value chain defines a series of actions that enable businesses to sell their products to customers. Each action in the chain brings a portion of value to the entire process. The businesses form an ecosystem where managing the movement and payment of goods within the Ecosystem is key to the system delivering value. The Raven plays an important role in payments and tracking of goods.

What ecosystem can we help you enable?