What is it that we do?

What we do.....

We bring together transaction, location and identify (biometric) information to enable multiple transaction based scenarios that include the exchange of goods, services or funds.

How do we do it?

With the Raven Device

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...Enabled by Waxed cloud services

Without the cloud services all the functions and data captured on the Raven device stay on the device. With the Waxd cloud services, you can in near Realtime do the following:

  • Cloud matching of Prints – no matter where the Raven devices are, you can match fingerprints against a central database of users (Participants)

  • Device management – The Device is an asset to your business and so should be managed. With Device management, you can do the following:

    • ​Know the location of your devices (and their Hardware versions)

    • View all users of the device and their corresponding transactions

    • Monitor abuse to the device (via the accelerometer)

    • Manage the firmware versions of your device

    • Remotely update the firmware of your device (Over the air updates) This process can be managed by the Client or Digital Twin (Our hardware partner)

  • Transaction engine – design and record your required transactions and sub transactions. Each transaction can initiate other actions or sub transactions like sending SMS’s or interfacing to 3rd party systems. This gives our users a full ledger view of everything that happens in the system. 

  • Participant management – Each Raven user is seen as participant in our system. A participant can have different roles like employee, manager, supervisor, administrator. Our transaction engine can initiate different transaction types based on the participant role.

  • SIM management – Closely tied to device management is SIM management. This allows you to activate or deactivate Sims and Lock a sim to a device so it will not work with any other mobile device or phone. Monitoring of data consumption and putting watchdog alerts in place is also and important feature of sim management

  • API Gateway – We also have a fully documented API gateway for our business partners that allow them to tightly integrate into our system. This includes pulling of data from our system to a 3rd party system.

Our purpose....the Why

Our passion lies in enabling new business models through technology. Business models that enable our clients to benefit from our solutions whether they are a business or a mass consumer of some of our services.


Our payment ecosystem aims to enable financial inclusion, we do this by helping drive the cashless revolution. Why the drive to go cashless?

Cash is king ......But it has lots

of challenges

  • Security

  • Transparency

  • Cost of making paper money

  • Does not scale well

  • Not easy to control

our system addresses the following challenges: if

  • Financial literacy is low

  • Tech literacy is low

  • Volumes of people are high

  • Volumes of cash are high

  • Cost of cash is high

  • Access to banks and banking products are low

Our Cashless ecosystem is driven by a token based walleting system. The system allows for the 

exchange of goods and services thus allowing a whole new world of convenient cashless services to the consumer. Below are the services in the South African cashless ecosystem.

South African ecosystem.png