Revolutionising Public Transport 

Public Transport is the life blood of any countries economy. As populations continue to grow in large cities, it has become more critical that African countries offer their citizens  Fast,Efficient, and Reliable forms of transport. One of the major challenges faced is Cash and a lack of public transport integration. This is because the part of the economy  being serviced by public transport deals in cash and often uses different forms of public transport in a single trip. Some of the challenges that plague the transport industry in Africa that are driven by cash include:

  • An inability for taxis and bus companies to manage cash income effectively.

  • A challenge of managing costs within Taxi industry.

  • A challenge securing finance to grow Taxi fleets.

  • A lack of integration between the different forms of public transport.

These challenges which mostly revolve around the handling and management of cash can be addressed by introducing a cashless system that effectively deals with the obstacles of going cashless in an African economy where public transport users may not be financially literate and may be cost sensitive. This is what the Raven system was built for.

  • By going cashless the management of cash within the transport system is no longer a challenge

  • Because the Raven system ties into the Retail and Services industries, transactions with these industries can now be cashless thus making all costs visible for Taxi owners

  • By enabling the Taxi owner to account for every transaction within their business, it makes it easier for the taxi owner to secure investment to grow their fleet as banks now business visibility if required.

  • Waxd brings a payment solution that enables cities to seamlessly integrate all forms of transport  enabled by an individuals fingerprint. Meaning a citizen only need capture their fingerprint, load money into their wallet and they are ready to go. The system also seamlessly integrates with NFC, QR codes or transport cards