Unlocking the value of your location information

Location information by itself isn't particularly useful unless you are navigating somewhere or looking for a place on a map, but when this information is combined with other information it can be extremely valuable to a business or individual. With the increase in smart phone penetration people have started to see the value of location information, a great example id the disruption of the hail riding industry by providing a service in minutes where it is required at a location. This value is starting to move from the consumer to the business world.

The additional value Waxd offers over traditional players in the location services space is that an individuals location can be confirmed using a physical unique identifier of their finger print. This opens up new use cases for location information dependent solutions.

Waxd can unlock value in various areas within an organisation. These include:


Supply Chain Management : In the movement of goods and services from origin to the point of consumption it is essential that an organisation is able to track these goods and services. Waxd not only enriches the tracking of such goods with real time transaction data but adds proof of receipt by enabling physical proof of receipt primarily through bio-metrics. By tracking how goods and services are consumed through analytics an organization or business can better manage the supply of goods and services in the future. 


Field Workforce Management : Refers to the management of a company's resources employed at or en route to the property of clients, rather than on company property. In such an environment it may be critical that an organisation can account for the physical location of their employees in order to ensure products and services are delivered in required time frames by employees.

Asset management : Managing physical assets in organisations can be a challenging task especially in large organizations that may be geographically distributed across multiple locations. We enable organisations to determine chain of custody and location of all assets by ensuring proof of presence when assets are transferred. Thus a log is kept of physical location and proof of receipt.

Consider this  simple use-case Waxd enables that benefits from the power of location information.

  • A Mobile Agriculture trader : Consider a trader that sells farming goods to informal farmers in remote areas and has many vehicles doing sales and deliveries. By combining user data, location data such a trader could start building sales patterns for their goods by understanding what farmers, in what locations buy certain types of goods at what times of the year. Thus making sure that the right goods are being made available at the right locations at the right time. reducing the need to carry too much stock and limiting instances of stock running out.

What is your location based use case?